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Energising treatments from all over the world

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Energising back massage - Tibet

It gets life energy flowing through gentle, slow movements over the whole back. The "inner doctor" is stimulated by harmonising the body's own energy fields. It is ideal for maintaining health and increasing energy levels. An upright posture means an upright person!

Price 72.00 per person

Energising reflexology massage - Tibet ~µ~

Life energy flows through certain pathways in the body. Organs and body regions are positively influenced by these energy connections. As the whole person is reflected in the feet all organs can be responded to and harmonised.

Price 72.00 per person

Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage 60 minutes

An energy massage with gentle, slow movements producing calm and relaxation, releasing blockages in the body and allowing the energy to flow. With high quality Ayurvedic oils. The focus here is on a "stroking" massage.

Price 76.00 per person

Lomi Lomi Nui massage - Hawaii 60 minutes

Hawaii's temple massage is also called the "Queen of Massages" and is applied by healers as bodywork. The long drawn-out massage movements work deep down into the tissue and convey a feeling of security and wellbeing.

Price 79.00 per person

Aromatherapy massage - Europe 30 minutes

The success of this fragrant massage lies in the combination of the healing effect of the massage with the special essential oils of fragrant plants and herbs. It is ideal for relieving tension and stress.

Price 39.00 per person