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Jentschura Treatments in the wellness hotel

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Health and purification: base treatment

The concept of Peter Jentschura's cleansing and regenerating cure is based on three commandments of human health:

"Avoid the harmful! Eat, drink and do useful things! Avoid the harmful!"

Due to our way of life, our organism today is almost always acid surplus. The result is the formation and deposition of waste products in the various tissues, joints and organs of our body.

While the acid consumes the body, the base preserves and protects it. Based on this knowledge, the 7-day Jentschura's Regenata cure at the Wellnesshotel in the Black Forest offers a wealth of effective applications of alkaline body cleansing and alkaline regeneration. By drinking alkaline herbal tea, water and vegetable juice, deposits are dissolved.

Body cleansing works externally with alkaline baths and compresses, alkaline rinses and alkaline stockings. The plentiful supply of high-quality vegetarian food makes an important contribution to regeneration during the cure. The ideal deacidification cure! Easy to use and effective.  

Energy Brush Massage

Energy Brush Massage

(with body wrap)

Pampering time approx. 60 min.

75.00 EUR

Massage du dos au sel et au miel

Massage du dos au sel et au miel

Pampering time approx. 30 min.

45.00 EUR



Pampering time approx. 25min.

42.00 EUR

Ear candle treatment

Ear candle treatment

Pampering time approx.25 min.

36.00 EUR

Basic facial treatment

Basic facial treatment

Pampering time approx. 50 min.

69.00 EUR

Jentschura cure offers

The Jentschura's alkaline cures ensure a balanced acid-base balance and can form the basis for a change in diet and lifestyle habits. 


Our "alkaline cure" offer is surplus alkaline (80:20 rule).

  • Consultation with root cocktail and foot bath
  • 1 base body treatment in the steam bath
  • 1 energy brushing massage with liver and body wrap and base facial sheet mask
  • 1 base caustic bath in the whirlpool tub
  • 1 base salt-oil massage
  • 1 base foot bath with final consultation
  • Fruit, still water, raw salads and soup as a lunch snack 
5 treatment days plus room rate € 399,-