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Break programmes

Switch off briefly and restart..

The time before, after or in the middle

Break programmes
for your conference

Switch off briefly and clear your head, then devote yourself to new topics again feeling refreshed.

We offer various short or longer programmes indoors or outdoors in nature to start a day full of sitting actively or to regenerate after a hard day. Be inspired by our selection below.

For in between - a fresh kick for the mind.

  • Strong back
  • Fit at work
  • Mental relaxation
  • Forest bathing
Just something different

The conference break
- active or relaxing

We have worked out various exercise offers for your meeting or seminar, so you can (re)gain momentum or switch off perfectly after a long day. This kind of break programme is a great enrichment for all event participants. Why not give it a try!

Strong back
It’s good to get moving again and relax your back after sitting for a long time. Our programme helps you achieve a new sense of well-being in the shortest possible time.

Fit at work
This programme involves exercises using the Theraband® that counteract everyday complaints or lack of movement caused by sedentary office work.
Thus increasing vitality and receptiveness.

Mental relaxation
Take a break and relax your mind. Experience mental and physical relaxation through a combination of breathing techniques and muscle relaxation exercises.
Short and effective.

We organise the break programmes (20-30 minutes) above for groups of up to 15 people. Prices on request.
We are happy to make you a special offer for larger groups.

Take a break!

Forest bathing outdoor experience

Nature is grounding. Nature is giving. Nature is healing.

Time out from media is becoming increasingly rare in everyday life. The mind, body and soul need conscious rest periods though to process the constant input from outside. In daily life, there is often a lack of opportunities to just be quiet on your own or to experience silence.

Reducing stress through outdoor experiences – Shinrin-yoku or “forest bathing” is a method for stress reduction originating in Japan, which has been recognised since the early 1980s and is even prescribed by doctors there as health care. This is an extraordinary stay in the forest using all your senses and consciously experiencing nature. To achieve this, various techniques are used for targeted deceleration in and with nature.

The positive effect on the human nervous, hormonal and immune system has been proven in numerous studies. For example, terpenes and essential oils activate the formation of white blood cells, resulting in around 50 percent more of them being detected in the blood after a long walk in the forest.

The Black Forest welcomes you to its unspoiled forests with their unique flora. Experience an oasis of silence without any traffic, hustle and bustle, deadline stress and take in the forest with all your senses.

Enjoy a time of rest, retreat and recharge your batteries under the guidance of our fitness & relaxation coaches.

Where, if not in the Black Forest?

Dates according to agreement
Period: all year
Group size: from 2 persons / up to max. 20 persons
Costs: on request

Outdoor experience!

Forest bathing at the Vier Jahreszeiten am Schuchsee

Switch off briefly and restart.


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